Church History

The History of Cabot United Methodist Church

United Methodists are people on a journey. Our forefathers understood that Christian faith is not stagnant – it is alive, growing, changing as it encounters new realities in a changing world. Christian faith is on the move. John Wesley, our founder, spoke of going on to perfection. By perfection, he meant growing as a Christian to become all that God intends us to be.

This means our journey is spiritual. We keep moving into a deeper relationship with God and each other. We grow in our understanding and experience of God’s love and power. We are led by God’s Spirit as we travel through life.

People on a journey don’t always know where they will end up. In the Bible, Jesus’ disciples left all to follow him. At the time, they did not know where he would lead them. The important thing was following him. This is still the most important part of being a Christian. To be a follower of Jesus sums it all up.

As we reflect on the history of Cabot Church, it is clear that they were people who followed Christ’s leading. In 1823 a small band of pioneers felt led to form a Methodist Class to meet in Cooper Cabin. They eventually felt led to build a Church at Knox Chapel. From there the Spirit of Jesus beckoned them to the village of Cabot and a wood frame building first built by some Methodist Protestants. In 1921, they constructed a new Church building in the village of Cabot. Eventually an Annex was added, and later the Gayle House was purchased.

Cooper Cabin
Cooper Cabin 1823-1864
Knox Chapel Church
Knox Chapel Methodist Episcopal Church 1864-1921
Cabot Methodist Episcopal Church
Cabot Methodist Episcopal Church 1921-2002
Cabot-UMC Present Location

In the fall of 2002, we left our small building in the village of Cabot and moved into a renovated elementary school just a half-mile down the road. The former Winfield Elementary School is now the Cabot United Methodist Church Community Life and Worship Center. We have multiple classrooms for children, youth and adult education, a multipurpose worship center / fellowship hall / gymnasium, a youth center complete with a recreation room, dedicated space for the community Food Bank, a library and designated prayer chapel. We are currently in the process of building a new worship and gathering space that will help us further our call to make disciples of Jesus in our community.

190 years of history tells us that people who follow Christ at Cabot have a heritage of looking to the future. We understand that Christ is always calling us to make decisions which will touch a future generation. 190 years speaks of faithful and sound following of Jesus Christ.