Faith in Focus Series

What does it mean today to “have faith”? How do I get it? How do I understand what true faith is? How do I choose between all the different paths available to me? This series will discuss the different approaches to having faith in God and help us understand that not all avenues are created equal. We will take a biblical look and weigh the evidence for why we believe what we believe about God, His Son Jesus Christ, and how we can respond to the other approaches to faith that are out there today.

January 18-19 My Life, My Truth – A Relativistic Faith John 18:38
Penny Offering
January 25-26 Momma Always Said… – A Traditional Faith Mark 7:5-8
Snyder baptism
February 1-2 Because I Said So! – An Authoritarian Faith Joshua 24:14-15
February 8-9 Use the Force, Luke – An Intuitive Faith John 8:32

February 15-16 Because God Told Me – A Mystical Faith 1 Thessalonians 5:21-22
Penny Offering
February 22-23 Prove It! – A Rational Faith

March 1-2 Choose Wisely – Overcoming the Obstacles to Faith Hebrews 11