Pastor Jason Appointed

March 16, 2014

Last Monday, the Staff Parish Relations Committee met with the District Superintendent, Joel Garrett, and our newly appointed pastor, Jason McQueen. After meeting with Pastor Jason and his wife Beth, the committee was comfortable with this appointment.

Pastor Jason possesses most of the qualities that we wanted to see in a new pastor. He has a strong heart for world missions, he takes the gospel seriously, and is a spiritual leader. His strengths are preaching, relationships, and compassion for the hurting. He makes visiting the sick and homebound a priority. When we told him that we were in the midst of a capital campaign, he told us that he is comfortable talking about stewardship.

He has been serving for the past 5 years at Mount Hope United Methodist Church in South Fork, near Johnstown. Pastor Jason is the son of a Methodist minister. He, himself, did not feel the call to ministry until he was in Asbury College. He started out with a major in music. Asbury College is where he met his wife Beth. They got married on Saturday, went to Baccalaureate on Sunday, and graduated on Monday. He then went on to attend Asbury Theological Seminary.

Jason and Beth are the proud parents of 4 children – 2 daughters and 2 sons. They also have 2 grandchildren. Their oldest, Katie, is married and has 2 children. Andrea has been teaching at an international school in Mongolia for the past 2 years. She is engaged to be married. They are planning to have the wedding at Cherry Run Church Camp near Clarion this October. Their son Ryan is currently a sophomore at Asbury College. And last, but not least, they have a 12 year old son named Caleb at home. Caleb has Down Syndrome.

While it will be very difficult to say goodbye to Pastor Matt, Allison, Anna, and Caroline, I think we will find it easy to welcome Pastor Jason and his family.

Staff-Parish Relations Committee:

Troy Lindsey

Marilyn Anderson

Rhonda Caldwell (chair)

Maria Travis

Sean Cyphert*

Jason Snyder

Megan Jones

Don Marlowe

Roger Kennedy