We live in a world that is rushed.  From fast food to overnight shipping to instantaneous access to almost everything via your smart phone, life seems to move at warp speed all the time.  Who has time to wait?  But maybe that is just what we need – a time to be still and to reflect on what Christmas is really all about.  It takes four Sundays to get to Christmas – why not spend them with us and learn the power that waiting can have in our lives.  This year, the journey may be just as important for you and me as the destination.

Nov. 30-Dec. 1 Abraham: Waiting for a Promise Hebrews 6:13-20



December 7-8 Isaiah: Waiting for Peace Isaiah 9:1-7


December 14-15 Zechariah: Waiting for Hope Luke 1:5-25

Penny Offering


December 20 (Friday) “Christmas in Genesis: How Could This Be”

Children’s Christmas Program 6:30pm


December 21-22 Simeon: Waiting for Salvation Luke 2:25-32


December 24 (Tuesday) The Wait is Over! Luke 2:1-20

Christmas Eve schedule – all services will be candlelight services

4:00pm – Contemporary and child friendly – Music by our praise band

7:00pm – Piano with choir and special music

9:00pm – Traditional with communion


December 28-29 The Christmas Story in Carols and Readings

Regular weekend worship schedule but no Sunday School